Z3x Easy Jtag Plus Box With E-Mate X MOORC

Z3x Easy Jtag Plus Box With E-Mate X MOORC


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  • Z3x Easy Jtag Plus Box – Lite (without eMMC Socket), which boasts some MAJOR hardware improvements and Features including One click device repair, Boot repair, Data recovery, eMMC firmware repair, Partition management, eMMC service operations, SPI memory programming.This Upgraded PLUS version features ultra fast data transfer, has the possibility of increasing functionality in the future: hardware of the new box is ready to support new protocols like UFS* and NAND*.Box Features
    • One click device repair
    • Boot repair
    • Data recovery
    • eMMC firmware repair
    • Partition management
    • eMMC service operations
    • SPI memory programming

    Socket Features

    • Combining the top quality materials with best engineering and elegantly designed hardware for the powerful eMMC Socket.
    • Made from the high quality materials
    • Over 10K cycles of lifetime performance in your service center
    • Wide range of eMMC IC supported by: BGA153/169, BGA162/186, BGA221, BGA529
    • High-speed up to 30 MB per second over 8 bit bus.
    • EMI resistant design, low noise components
    • Integrated power logic. Additional power source is no more need
    • Surge protection – smart fuse driven (0.5A threshold)

    E-Mate X MOORC eMate 13 in 1 EMMC Tool BGA Socket for Easy JTAG Plus / UFI / RIFF / Medusa Pro Box Support for BGA 529 168 100 136 254 221 168 153 186 162

  • Can disassemble, clear, change pin at any time, can use for long time, can work all box to read/write full flash
  • Timesaving but easy to operate, Stable and efficient
  • Intelligent: just read it, operate the programming, reading the chip ROM1 USERDATA with just a key. 
  • Speed: eMMC which read-write speed could be 33MB per second. Its speed is related to eMMC version. 
  • Simple: it is no need to choose the font type. The interface is simple and easy to use. which support all the chip package of emmc
  • Reliable: special machine design of the third generation eMMC, special power supply, independent overcurrent protection


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