MECHANIC XGZ40 10cc Soldering Tin Paste Cream Soldering Flux


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MECHANIC XGZ40 10cc Soldering Tin Paste Cream Soldering Flux Sn63/Pb37 25-45um

1. The solder joints are white and full, no false soldering.
2. This tin paste is wet with good dry resistance, easy to store.
3. Colorless and transparent, little influence on the electric test.
4. Indispensible item for repairing phone and other precision devices.
5. Ideal soldering supplies in the electronic production line.
Model: XG-Z40
Color: Gray
Volume: 10cc
Microns: 25-45um
Tin/Lead Ratio: 63SN/37PB
Weight (Approx.): 38g
Package Includes:
1*Tin Soldering Paste

New technical support, unique chemical formula provides excellent wetting, to ensure high reliability.
Use of efficient energy thixotropic agents, printing and preheating collapse, special solder ensure a good printing and fine pattern can be effectively prevented.
More advanced insulation technology, tack lasting, easy to change to dry, the viscous time up to 48 hours or more.
High-end quality, a unique formula, perfect performance, easy to weld, solder joint is bright and full, no Weld, false welding phenomenon;
The residue is colorless and transparent, does not affect the detection, disposable and excellent cleaning performance.
Wetting, anti-dry, relatively long shelf life at room temperature, adapted to the mobile phone repair industry, the computer digital service industry, high-precision circuit board SMT soldering, BGA welding process, and so on!
Unique high-quality solder paste (the best configuration Ingredients: Sn63/Pb37), fine and flexible packaging , delicate appearance, anti-counterfeiting packaging, opened anti-counterfeiting labels and call our national toll-free hotline, enter the corresponding bar code you can check true or false, the national toll-free hotlin
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