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RELIFE RL-039 Remove Glue Liquid

RELIFE RL-039 Remove Glue Liquid


RELIFE RL-039 Remove Glue Liquid

RL-039 Remove Glue Liquid Soften Remove Resin Glue PCB BGA IC Chip Solid Glue Degenerate Motherboard Repair Tools


Applicable to softening and removing the mobile phone BGA IC chips and mainboard resin sealants. This product use new eco-friendly  that can rapidly soften and loosen the cured phenolic aldehyde,epoxy,acrylic,polyurethane,silicone  resin sealants. It causes no damage to mobile phone circuit boards or elements.


shake well before use.  Take a proper amount of the adhesive removal solution carefully with a pipette,drip it into the sealant required for removal, place the mainboard and BGA IC horizontally for 5–10 minutes to soften the sealant and use a special tool to carefully peel off the soften sealant. Pay attention to the wiring around the BGA IC chip and mobile phone mainboard copper foil circuit when peeling off. Wash off the residual adhesive and solution on  the chip mainboard after adhesive removal.


1. This solution is weak acid. There is air pressure in the bottle. Open the bottle cap carefully.

2.  Avoid get to eyes and skin. In case of that, rinse with lean water.

3. Store in a well-ventilated and low-temperature environment away from sunlight.

4. Keep out of reach of children . It should only be used by professionals. This product is nonflammable.

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