QIANLI 008 Cutting Knife Blade

QIANLI 008 Cutting Knife Blade




QIANLI 008 Black Glue Removal Tool with Cold Blade Tech Processors knifes for iPhone CPU A7 A8 A9 A10 Mainboard IC Repair


  • A special process handle,sandblasting can produce a shine in the alloy surface and fine texture with frosted effect,alloy in point solution after applying a current in the metal surface to form a colored oxide layer.
  • Edge hand-made by more than 10 years working experience in maintenance technician manually polish all the way, the manual processing technology to improve the smooth sharp edge at the same time, and repeat grinding easier
  • Handcrafted and polished, the blade adopted single-edge cutting technology is designed specifically for removing black glue without causing damage to motherboard.
  • Adopted cryogenic treatment technology, the blade with high carbon content becomes solid, resilient and precise, which is a good choice for you to remove black glue.
  • Designed in grip-reinforced screw texture, the item can provide friction for you during the glue-removing process, which helps to anti-slip.
  • The delicate blade can be assembled in both ends of the cold knife optionally. What’s more, it is simple for you to assemble the knife.
  • With 3pcs flexible Thin Blade Knife, available for replacement
  • With Retail box, great for your store or resale.

Package including:
1 x QIANLI 008 Handle
3 x Knife


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