QIANLI 007 Cutting Knife Blade

QIANLI 007 Cutting Knife Blade




QIANLI 007 Non-Slip Stainless Steel Handle with 3 Crescent Blade J Curved Blade Cutting Knife for iPhone A7 A8 A9 A10 Motherboard IC Chip Side Glue Cleaner


  • With 3pcs flexible Thin Blade Knife, available for replacement
  • Equipped with a sharp crescent blade (J Curved Blade), used to remove glue from hard disk and CPU of your phone effectively.
  • Designed in grip-reinforced screw texture, the item can provide friction for you during the glue-removing process, which helps to anti-slip.
  • The sharp crescent blade can be assembled in both ends of the pry knife optionally. What’s more, it is simple for you to assemble the knife.
  • Solve the problem many see the CPU is a headache of the teacher, did not dare to hurt, afraid of bad, with our this artifact, are said to the CPU, SO EASY!
  • The trick in special materials, ultra-thin super elasticity, when the CPU tin melting point, the blade can be directly inserted into the CPU, step by step, the CPU is so relaxed and safe removed.
  • With Retail box, great for your store or resale.

Package including:
1 x QIANLI 007 Non-Slip Stainless Steel Handle
3 x QIANLI 007 Crescent (J Curved) Blade


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