MRT Dongle (Huawei Activated)

MRT Dongle (Huawei Activated)




MRT-Dongle (Huawei Activated) stands for Mobile Repair Tool Dongle.
New innovation of mobile phone’s software repair, which can permanently unlock many Android mobile phones.

A program is specialized tool for repair, flash and unlock of Meizu, Xiaomi, VIVO, Huawei, Coolpad and many more mobile phones with MTK chip *.

MRT-Dongle will repair your damaged device with the following operations:

Account Unlock
Password Removal
Bootloader Unlock

All operations are fast (from 5 up to 60 seconds to unlock the device), they don’t require any activation or purchase of credits.

Easy to use the software, it has a clear interface and very clear instructions for repair. To start work with the dongle you just need a free USB port.


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