MOORC JTAG-ISP All-in-One Adapter


JTAG ISP adapter can be used with existing JTAG and EMMC tools including ATF, Riff, RIFF 2, Medusa, Medusa Pro, Z3X Easy Jtag, Z3X Easy Jtag Plus, GPG, ORT, EMMC boxes.

JTAG ISP adapter set contains several boards:

Main board supports JTAG and ISP connection.
Compatible Boxes Jtag: Z3X Easy Jtag, ATF, Medusa
Compatible Boxes ISP: Z3X Easy Jtag, Riff, ATF
Medusa Pro board is used for JTAG ISP and EMMC connection.
E-Mate, Easy Jtag Plus, RIFF2, GPG, ORT EMMC board is used for JTAG ISP and EMMC connection.
EMMC ALL IN BGA board is used for direct memory chips connection.

Supported BGA types:

BGA 162-186
BGA 169-153
BGA 221
BGA 336
BGA 136
BGA 100

Package Content:

U-Socket Main Adapter (Easy 1, ATF, Medusa) – 1 pc.
U-Socket Medusa Pro Adapter – 1 pc.
U-Socket E-Mate, Easy 2, Riff2, GPG, ORT, EMMC Adapter – 1 pc.
U-Socket Emmc All in BGA Adapter – 1 pc.
Plastic Pad – 3 pcs.
Plastic bolts – 12 pcs.
Plastic screws – 12 pcs.
Wires for JTAG or ISP connection – 6 pcs.

MOORC JTAG-ISP All-in-One Adapter

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