Medusa Pro JIG Adapter for Medusa Pro Box

Medusa Pro JIG Adapter


Medusa Pro 20 Pin adapter is intended to be used with Medusa Pro Box. Its pins are marked in accordance with Medusa Pro Box pinout.

This adapter has marked pinouts for JTAG and MMC interfaces, so you can easily find a required pin without checking the software. The adapter has external pads, so you can solder a wire of a required thickness. You can buy this adapter if you need few adapters with different pinouts or you just want to replace the one that has been included in Medusa Pro Box package.

JTAG top side

  • Pin1 VREF
  • Pin3 TRST
  • Pin5 TDI
  • Pin7 TMS
  • Pin9 TCK
  • Pin11 RTCK
  • Pin13 TD0
  • Pin15 Reset
  • Pin17 NC
  • Pin19 NC

eMMC bottom side:

  • Pin2 GND
  • Pin4 EMMc D0
  • Pin6 EMMc D1
  • Pin8 EMMc D2
  • Pin10 EMMc D3
  • Pin12 EMMC CLK
  • Pin14 EMMC CMD
  • Pin16 GND
  • Pin18 2.8V

Package include:
1 x Medusa Pro JIG Adapter

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