Mechanic LY UVH900-HY UV Paste Black

Mechanic LY UVH900-HY UV Paste Black

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Mechanic LY UVH900-HY UV Paste Black

Mechanic UVH900-HY 10CC UV PCB BGA Circuit Board Curing Soldering Oil

Mechanic LY UVH900-HY UV Paste Black Best Price In Pakistan

UV Solder Resist PCB UV Curable Solder Great Mast Solder Mask Solder Resist 10gram

This UV Solder Resist is used to protect PCB traces from corrosion, moisture.It is also used for repairing PCB after soldering, rework.


  • Protect PCB traces from corrosion, moisture
  • Repairing PCB after soldering, rework
  • 100% Brand New
  • Use with UV light will be better

How to use it?

  1. Prepare the tool ( brush), Material (the color that can be coated as needed)
  2. Put the UV curing oil on the brush
  3. Evenly spread on the PCB board with anti-welding, guard, insulation and other functions prevent physical disconnection of conductor circuits
  4. Use the ultraviolet light for a few seconds, shake the PCB board to observe that the oil is not flowing that will be ok.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Mechanic LY-UVH900
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