Koocu SS-SA-16 Tweezer Straight


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KOOCU SS-SA-16 Professional Steel Tweezer


Koocu SS-SA-16 Tweezer Straight

KOOCU SS-SA-16 Professional Steel Tweezer

  • Multi-function Satinless Steel Tweezer  apply to repair precision devices, circuit boards, digital products, pick small items and so on. Excellent for electronics, jewelry and other fine crafts, medical and laboratory work, cosmetic hair removal, and much more.
  • This Electronics tweezer can adapt to a long-term work with the appearance of smooth lines and fine processing.
  •  One set of 2 different specifications and configurations to fit all purposes you need.


These tweezers have been designed for high level repair technicians when working with chip-off / IC / Nand CPU repairs.

Anti-static high toughness precision fine tip plus anti-skid for chip repair

  •  Non-Magnetic Black tweezers, Tips Type : Curved Tips.
  • This electronics tweezer with (Surface Electrostatic Discharge) finish to protect the components and handles from the damaging effects of static.
  • Made from brushed stainless steel and coating with fine quality anti-static material.
  • You can use this tweezer for electronics, watch / mobile / gadget / laptop repair and jewellery repair, laboratory work, etc
  • The tips are carefully polished, fine, super-sharp and have good hardness.
  • Tweezers open tension, good elasticity, not easy to deform
  • Easy to use and stylish
  • Innovative details, unique curved nozzle design for precision chip clamping
  • When picking up the chip, bend the nozzle through the bottom of the chip, match the air gun, soldering iron, and get started

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