Infinity CM2 Activation Renewal (1 Years)

1 Year Updates/Support Renew for Infinity-Box/Dongle (Chinese Miracle-2 Included)


Infinity CM2 Activation Renewal (1 Years)

This activation prolongs support/updates period for 1 year for Infinity-Box/Dongle (and CDMA / BEST Dongle with Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 Activation Included).

Note! Please check if you have Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 Activation before ordering update/support renew!

Infinity CM2 Dongle

Note! Please provide correct smart card serial number while placing an order
(it should be in 8-digit HEX format)

Where to Find Serial Number?

You can find the serial number using Dongle Manager software

Infinity Dongle Manager

How to Activate:

  • When your order is completed, we will send a notification to your email.
  • Then update your Box/Dongle firmware using Dongle Manager software
  • Support area access will be activated in several hours.
Infinity Dongle Manager

Updates/Support Period:

1 year period starts from the date of initial registration procedure (first smart card upgrade).
User can see actual Account Expiration Date in Online Service or in Support/Download area.


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