GSM Shield Box EMMC ISP Tool Adapter

GSM Shield Box EMMC ISP Tool Adapter




GSM Shield Box allows you to perform Flash, Unlock, Reset FRP and many other operations on Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Spreadtrum-based phones.


  • Flashing Mobile
  • Unlocking
  • Change Language
  • FRP
  • Reset Security Code
  • Read Unlock Codes
  • Read Pattern
  • Repair Software
  • Repair IMEI
  • Reset Google Accounts
  • Direct Unlock For SPD & MTK & Qualcomm
  • Read Codes For SPD & MTK & Qualcomm
  • Phone Book Backup & Restore
  • Read/Write MTK Flash
  • Write MTK Factory Flash (flash files can be found in support area only)
  • Format MTK phones
  • IMEI Repair in SP-Meta (World’s Exclusive Feature)
  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection) For Qualcomm/SPD/MTK etc..
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Reset factory defaults (ZTE phones with counter)
  • Display Codes on PC
  • Qualcomm Read info in flash mode.
  • Qualcomm Read Pattern in flash mode.
  • Qualcomm Reset FRP in flash mode.
  • Qualcomm Flash Factory firmware.
  • Qualcomm Backup security item
  • Qualcomm Backup firmware
  • Qualcomm Change/Repair IMEI- Qualcomm Generic
  • Qualcomm Unlock Bootloader Generic
  • Qualcomm Repair IMEI
  • Enable ADB Mode in OPPO Phones.
  • Qualcomm Reset Pattern, Pin , Finger Print e.t.c. in ADB mode.
  • Qualcomm Reboot phone in EDL from ADB Mode.
  • Qualcomm Reboot phone in EDL from DIAG Mode.
  • Qualcomm Reboot phone in EDL from Pid_0006 mode.
  • Qualcomm User has the possibility to use own loader or select Manual port.
  • Windows 7/10, Vista & XP compatible
  • Standalone features
  • Multiflashing, language changing
  • Direct Unlock
  • Read Unlock Codes
  • Standalone calculator
  • File manager
  • User Code and Factory Reset
  • USB Dongle protected

Qualcomm CPU

  • SnapDragon 210 MSM8x09
  • SnapDragon 210 MSM8909
  • SnapDragon 2x MSM8x12
  • SnapDragon 4x MSM8x12
  • SnapDragon 400 MSM8x26/28
  • SnapDragon 410 MSM8916
  • SnapDragon 430 MSM8937
  • SnapDragon 610 MSM8936
  • SnapDragon 652 MSM8952
  • SnapDragon 652 MSM8976
  • SnapDragon 801 MSM8974
  • SnapDragon 808 MSM8992
  • SnapDragon 810 MSM8994
  • Snapdragon 617 MSM8952

Supported MTK CPU

MT6573, MT6575, MT6577, MT6589
MT6582, MT6572, MT8135, MT6592
MT6571, MT6595, MT8127, MT8173
MT6752, MT2601, MT8590, MT7623
MT7683, MT8591, MT8592, MT8531
MT7863, MT2701, MT8521, MT6795
MT6574, MT6735, MT6580, MT6735M
MT6753, MT6737T, MT6737M, MT6755
MT8163, MT6797, MT6799, MT0571
MT6750, ELBRUS, MT6757, MT6757D
MT6759, MT8167, MT6570, MT6763
MT6763, MT6765, MT6758, MT6739
MT6771, MT6775, MT8518, MT6761

Support Modules & CPU:

  1. Qualcomm
  2. Mediatek
  3. Spreadtrum
  4. Broadcom
  5. Exinos
  6. Emmc


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