Furious Gold USB Dongle FG Key Lite

Furious Gold USB Dongle FG Key Lite




Furious Gold USB Dongle FG Key Lite (Select Either 3 Packs To Activate From Packs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11 By Yourself)

Furious Gold USB Key Lite is the most easy plug-and-play device for mobile phones unlock using Furious Gold software. Connect Furious Gold USB Key to USB port on your computer using original USB cables and it’s ready to work.

Furious Gold USB Key allows you to service all phones * supported by Furious Gold Packs. During the registration procedure you can select 3 Packs to activate among the following items:

  • Furious Gold Pack 1
  • Furious Gold Pack 2
  • Furious Gold Pack 3
  • Furious Gold Pack 4
  • Furious Gold Pack 5
  • Furious Gold Pack 6
  • Furious Gold Pack 8
  • Furious Gold Pack 11

Some of the unique features:

  • Exclusive support and updates provided by FuriousTeam since the last 8 years
  • Most of FuriousGold modules are working OFFLINE and do NOT require internet connetion
  • FuriousGold modules are unlimited. Once you buy it you can unlock any quantity of phones without having to pay again
  • FuriousGold modules are working without credits, logs or any of this kind. Completely free after your purschase
  • Including dedicated support area with over 250GB of precious data
  • FuriousGold including 12 months FREE updates and support. Once the support is expired you can renew it directly from your account for a small annual fee. If you do not like to renew the support you will still be able to use your FuriousGold hardware but you will not be able to enjoy the newest updates.
  • Secure and Easy access to support area in one click. You do not have to remember any password. It is already saved in your FuriousGold device.
  • Dedicated forum directly managed by our programmer team offering the best support
  • One-click access to support area
  • Furious Gold 1 year membership
  • Direct unlock
  • Full unlock using one click
  • Permanent unlock
  • Unlock by cable
  • Read unlock codes from a phone
  • Repair phone firmware (to original)
  • Simple user interface
  • Windows and Mac support

Package include:
1 x FG Key with 3 Packs


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